Free Logo Design

Paying for a logo design might seem costly and burdening, especially for startups with limited funds. For this reason, an app, website, or a free create logo design company offers free solutions while capitalizing on the traffic they generate. However, business owners must consider the value such logo designs add to a brand.

Offering services for free isn’t actually ‘free’ as costs always exist, no matter how small. The question arises what are the actual costs for a seemingly free logo? The value proposition is a great concern as a business grows with time and might need to invest way more in branding than before. Let’s analyze a free logo design’s benefits, drawbacks, and risks.

Benefits of Free Logos

There are some advantages of generating a free vector logo or designing it for yourself using a design tool or platform. Following is a description of the benefits that brands may reap.

1.      Cost Saving

You save some dollars on your business initiation and thus use the funds for other necessities. The finances are always limited to some extent; even if we want to spend on something or two, we simply can’t. Moreover, the rising costs of doing business are also affecting businesses globally.

2.      Time-Saving

Brands might have to wait for a final logo design if they hire logo design agencies, as multiple projects are running. Creative designing takes time, and you might not get things readily available. Saving time using a free tool allows business owners to perform other tasks and begin promotions.

3.      Branding on the Go

Campaign planning is a demanding and thoughtful task, and brands don’t want to miss opportunities. That’s why free logo designs are in demand. Branding needs to be quick and flexible to capture ideas, bring them to life, and market the products. A brand might change its logo when it reaches a certain mark.

Drawbacks of Free Logos

The dark side of the moon doesn’t face us, but it does exist. There are many drawbacks of using or designing free logos that apps and logo design platforms don’t discuss.

1.      No Copyrights

Whether you generate a free logo or design yourself, using a free platform doesn’t provide a copyright. In some cases, it uses styling and font designs that are patented. In short, you don’t own the logo.

2.      Doesn’t Reflect

Free logo generation tools ask nothing about the history, purpose, or types of products. Therefore, it simply processes words for design and drops the whole idea of reflecting a brand’s identity.

3.      Hidden Costs

Users actually pay with their information while using free apps and tools. Some poor platforms might also contain viruses and Trojan files that compromise your identity and crucial information.

4.      Lack of Scalability

The file types of free tools lead to the low image quality of free logos. Such logo designs lack scalability and pixelate on bigger banners and screens. A poor image will repel prospects instead of attracting them.

5.      Mainstream Designs

Numerous small business owners use tools and platforms for free logos, thus using the same designs. The purpose of a logo to appear distinctive and recognizable fails due to similar designs. Moreover, you can lose customers to a competitor having a resembling logo due to confusion.

Risks That Hurt Brand Image

A free logo design seems like a worthy idea at first. It might come with risks and threats that brands need to understand before proceeding. It might hurt the brand image because of the following reasons.

  • Free platforms might have malware or expose your devices to potential threats.
  • Only use legitimate and secure apps, as some might use or sell your vital data.
  • Using similar logos might get you in legal trouble and heavy fines.
  • Competitors might use your logo because you own no copyrights.
  • Violating any ethnic or regional norm may pose dangers and even destroy the brand.


Are you looking for a free create logo design company? Know the good, the bad, and the ugly side of it. Business owners might like using free logo designs to reduce costs and save time. But they must understand the drawbacks and risks of using free platforms and tools. Any brand that wants to grow and excel needs a logo that complies with its purpose and identity. A logo design company equips brands with powerful logos that bring growth in less time with better results.